Must-conquer mountains in Vietnam (Part 3)


Vietnam is an ideal destination fo nature lovers because it houses many interesting forests and mountains. Coming here, you have opportunity to conquer high mountains that makes your trip unforgettable.

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Pu Si Lung Mountain

If you want a rewarding hike (for both the hike and the challenge of getting there), why not head to the highest mountain on the China and Vietnam border. Pu Si Lung Mountain is a dream destination for adventure travelers and hiking enthusiasts all around, as the destination is so pristine and untouched. The whole hike up the summit is weird and wonderful, with difficult trails surrounded by stunning wild flowers, forest fauna, and lively wildlife. At some points, you’ll have to cross over vigorous streams via strung together bridges made from broken trees. Sounds like our kind of adventure! Here at the summit, you will see one of the highest border posts in the territory of Vietnam.

  • Height: 3,076 meters
  • Time to Summit: Approximately 1-2 days
  • Difficulty: Difficult

How to get there: The best way to get here is to hire a care. You will have to contact the authorities and schedule when you will be doing the trek, as you will need to bring paperwork to the headquarters of Lai Chau border guards and then referral paperwork to the border post Pa Vệ Sủ.

Mount Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin)

Next up on our best mountains in Vietnam list is Mount Nui Ba Den. Translating to ‘mountain lady black’ but known as ‘black virgin,’ this mountain although only 966 meters tall is the highest peak in Southern Vietnam. Sounds crazy right? But when you see the extinct volcano looming over the vast flat farm fields that surround it, there’s no missing this peak. Sitting like an upside-down mixing bowl, it is a pleasant climb to the top of Mount Nui Ba Den where you will landmarks such as the large reclining Buddha statue and Pagoda. For a bit of excitement, you can even mix up the hike by taking the gondola up and the 1700 meter, winding slideway down. With a lot of history and legends surrounding the origin of its name, this mountain is a great choice for a day hike.

Ba Den Mountain (via
  • Height: 966 meters
  • Time to Summit: Approximately 1-2 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy

Ta Cu Mountain

Although not a beast of a climb, this ‘smaller’ mountain makes our list due to the atmosphere that it has. The trail itself takes only about an hour, but if you opt to take the cable car, you will be up there within 10 minutes. As soon as you reach the summit, you will see an area full of stunning statues, pagodas, and a terrace platform where you can admire the panoramic views of Vietnam. The big reclining Buddha at the top is the primary reason why many people opt to do this trek. As one of our top picks for the best mountains in Vietnam, this one is a must-visit for travelers in Mui Ne looking for a fun and easy day hike.

  • Height: 649 meters
  • Time to Summit: Approximately 1 hour (10 mins via cable car)
  • Difficulty: Moderate-Hard

How to get there: Take a taxi from Mui Ne (1 hour)

Son Tra Mountain (via

Son Tra Mountain (Monkey Mountain)

Known to American soldiers during the Vietnam War as Monkey Mountain, the breathtaking national park in Danang is home to rare species such as rhesus macaques, long-tailed macaques, and pygmy slow loris. The mountain is a favorite of animal lovers and adventure seekers while traveling in Vietnam due to the nature, surrounding landscapes, and the challenge of getting up to the peak! You have two choices: hike the dense jungle trails or climb the steep winding and inclining roads via motorbike. Let’s just say, you’ll need to pick the most powerful vehicle that you can find and lean forward. Surrounded by pristine beaches and luscious green nature, this sounds like our kind of adventure.

  • Height: 693 meters
  • Time to Summit: Approximately 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate

How to get there: While in Danang, renting a bike or car is the best way, otherwise you can grab a motor-taxi to the beach or tours will pick you up from your hotel.

And that concludes our epic list of the best mountains in Vietnam! Think you can take them all on? I don’t doubt you at all, but if the lack of time is an issue, pick one to challenge yourself and climb until your heart is content.

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