Buckwheat flower season in Ha Giang


Ha Giang is definitely a great destination for tourism with the beauty of the landscape. However, there is a few people known that this stone plateau is an interesting destination with its poetic and stirring “buckwheat flower paradise”. In blooming season, the landscape is completely replaced by the covering of the endless pink flowery fields. Putting yourself into this immense space to feel the rough natural beauty and the peace of our country.

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Best time to visit

Coming to Ha Giang by the end of September and beginning of October, when the weather is remaining cool of the autumn and a little bit cold of the early winter, you will be really surprised by the magnificent view of the opening blooming season.

On the hillsides, the fields, and next to the roads or the old houses, thousands of tiny buckwheat flowers (Tam giac mach) like violet raindrops stretching to the horizon. The green of leaves and forest adheres to the light violet buckwheat flowers, which attracts many visitors by its fascinated natural beauty, taking you dream to dream. 

Buckwheat flower in Ha Giang (via pinterest)

Where to see buckwheat flowers

There are lots of places to enjoy the beauty of buckwheat flower. If you choose Dong Van as the first place in your journey, however, do not miss a famous place which is so called “doc chin khoanh” or nine folds slope in Pho Cao. From the high slope, you can see a colorful carpet of flowers with new-blown ones turning into pink. 

Just travelling a more short way, you can also walk to the next valleys. Tourists will see a bit change that buckwheat flower’s color is more striking. Flowers’ blooming together creates a harmonious and attractive picture. You cannot help your heart and must desire to immerse yourself in that poetic scenery and be a part of it. 

Besides of Dong Van, Pho Cao, buckwheat flower is planted a lot in Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man. The rock slopes are sunk into the valley of flowers, which forms a new feature for the hills. 

However, you will not feel regret for leaving these valleys because the fields of buckwheat flower in Lang Cam village, Sung La will attract you immediately. This is the ideal place in Ha Giang for sightseeing and taking photos with beautiful flowers at the beginning of the season. Houses of Pao in triangular flower fields are impressive views. The interesting thing is that you are not only discovering the beauty of these fields but also having chance to visit house of Pao with enjoyable feeling.

Buckwheat flower in Ha Giang (via vietnamtravel)

Triangular flower is characterized by this place. Rolling along the mountains is the circuit triangular flower fields, which forms a soft and charming flower carpet.

The blooming of buckwheat flower together with wild flowers and plants of the northwestern mountains creates a colorful scene. You will be completely dumbfounded by the natural beauty and want to indulge yourself in it and experience the vitality of nature. 

Your journey still continues as a larger buckwheat flower field is waiting for you. Ma Le is the largest field and flowers cover all the hillsides, mountains and the roads here. Moreover, a really impressive picture attracting tourists is the image of little children with the innocent smile playing on the field of flowers.

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